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“Getting ready” photos is an as important concept as pre-wedding shoot or the wedding day shoot. These are the moments which are captured by the photographer before the wedding takes place. Photos of groomsmen, bride girls, candid moments with mom, dad, relatives and friends, and much more than it.  Capturing the photos of bride and groom when they are getting ready, doing make-up, drinking champagne with friends is the most exciting and creative part as a photographer.

Here are some tips to photographers on how to shoot, getting ready photos:

-    Arrive the venue one or two hours before the wedding and take the best shots of the bride and groom getting ready, their photographs with family and bridesmaids.

-    Look for the perfect venue in advance, which have ample of natural light to click the best images.

-    Ask family members, bridesmaids and everyone else to get ready on time.

-    Watch for the things you require during your getting ready photo shoot like shoes, perfume, cufflinks, wedding rings, flowers or anything else.

Have a look at some great getting ready photos taken by expert wedding photographers:

 Getting Ready Photo graphy

Photo Courtesy : Bellissima

Getting Ready Photography

Photo Courtesy : Josh Henriquez

Getting Ready Photography

Photo Courtesy : Ted & Rachel Linczak

Getting Ready Photography

Photo Courtesy : Michela Del Forno

Getting Ready Photography

Photo Courtesy : Rachel A Clingen

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