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Ring shots are the important part of wedding photography. Why not? After all Wedding Rings are the symbol of the union of two individuals, hearts and souls. Nowadays, the shot of Wedding Rings is taken in the classy, creative and unique way.    
Ring shots are now taken with using great photography skills, knowledge, research and techniques. For wedding rings photoshoot, creative light, compositions, and interesting backgrounds are used with utmost attention.
Here are some tips for capturing better shots of Wedding Rings with your camera:
- To add good ring shots in your portfolio, use macro lenses.
- Do not rely on autofocus, in spite focus manually and take multiple shots using zoom in feature.
- Crank up your aperture high around F4.0-F5.6.
- Add sharpness and giving finishing touch up to rings in Photoshop.
- Search and use reflections for creating symmetry and adding interest to the photo.
- Search and use interesting lighting. Avoid direct flash as far as possible.
- For dealing with intricate detail, choose perfect lighting and also click on perfect timing.
- Search something significant to the Couple.
Wedding Ring
Photo Courtesy : Michelle Jordan
Wedding Ring
Photo Courtesy : Evie Claire
Wedding Ring
Photo Courtesy : Black Forest
Wedding Ring
Photo Courtesy: Sada Lewis
Wedding Ring
Photo Courtesy : Unveiling


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