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Rosy Cheeks and Little Feet’s, Yes We Are Flower Girls

Flower Girl in wedding is of course darling to all. Although having a flower girl is optional, but favorite little lady can be the part of wedding event in the most stylish and nice way. She proceeds down the aisle before the maid of honor, scatter rose petals on the bridal path, she follows the ring bearer, and sometimes she even precede the bride.
Flower girl usually wore mini replicas of the bride’s dress, but that is not compulsory. At the time of the ceremony, flower girl may cry, drop the basket, or lift her dress. But her sweetness and personality will make the event worthwhile and guest smile.
Flower Girl
Photo Courtesy : Sarah 
Flower Girl
Photo Courtesy : Ruben 
Flower Girl
Photo Courtesy : Kina Wicks
Flower Girl
Photo Courtesy : Dorothee and Annabel
Flower Girl 5
Photo Courtesy : Jeffrey & Julia 

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