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Basic Keyboard shortcuts in photoshop for beginners.

Have you ever wasted an entire day in Photoshop? There are so many tools and functions which are used frequently in photoshop like changing color, resize, zoom in zoom out, and so on. What if you get an easy way to operate such tools by simply pressing a single button on the keyboard.

Why Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts help to speed up the workflow and is a much easier way to use the tool in photoshop. You don’t need to move your hand again and again from mouse to keyboard simple use one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse. Shortcuts with the keyboard involve hitting a few buttons at the same time without having to click on the menu or toolbar.

10 Basic Shortcuts to Memorize for beginners in photoshop.

  • Move tool: V
  • Marquee tool: M
  • Lasso tool: L
  • Quick Selection/ Magic wand: W
  • Color picker: I
  • Eraser: E
  • Brushes: B
  • Zoom tool: Z
  • Type tool: T
  • Pen tool: P

Note: All of these shortcuts can be accessed on PC and Mac, but sometimes, they're different on each operating system. For our tutorial videos on photoshop visit

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