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How To Intensify Your Photograph by using Overlays Effect.


To give an admirable look to your photo by adding multiple layers in the image while editing. Luckily, if you are trying to reconstruct your composition that will intensify any composition you don’t need to give much effort in editing bestow overlay effects is the best option every time you want to edit a photo, whether portrait photography or landscape photography.

There are many overlays that you can use in your photo editing. Scroll down to know more in detail about the effects you can apply:


1. Light Leaks Overlays

Bestow lights in the photographs give new life to it. 


2.  Bokeh Photo Overlays

Using the bokeh overlay effect is an amazing way to create the stunning depth of field photographs. Bokeh overlays effect will never take your breath to add beauty to your photography composition.


3. Stadium Light Overlays

Lights are the most essential element when we are talking about sports photography in the stadium and adding the effect of stadium lights perfectly in the image is accessible now. Adding stadium lights overlays give a real look of the stadium in the composition. 


4. Wings Overlay

Wings are not only for butterflies, add wings overlay effects in your photograph and start flying in the sky.


5. Cloud Overlays

By adding any artificial cloud effect in your photograph gives a natural look of clouds to your images. Using cloud effects help you to beautify your photographs and original clouds in the sky in your composition. 


Every new effect conveys a new story from your photographs. Do not waste your time in editing, Use innovative templates from PrivatePrize made for you.

Above mentioned details will help you to make your photograph look more unique you can also embellish Privateprize creative photoshop templates, to amplify your composition. Buy it now!

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