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Newborn Photography Tips To Click The Best Pic

Every photographer have its own style and technique of capturing images. But when it comes to Newborn Photography, things are a little bit critical for photographer. They have to click right expression at right time. So, for this there are certain things you must know as a newborn photographer.
  1. Understand Client’s Expectation
Chrystal Cienfuegos
Photo Courtesy : Chrystal Cienfuegos
Newborn photography is done in two ways. One is posed or studio and second is lifestyle. Understand what you client wants.  
  1. Use A Checklist
Newborn Photography
If you are going to capture the newborn photographs at client’s home then prepare in advance. Prepare a checklist, so that there is no scope of forgetting anything.
  1. Have Some Poses In Mind
Hannah Drews
Photo Courtesy : Hannah Drews
Before your photo session have some photos in your mind, so that you can execute your photo session well. But do click some unexpected and unplanned photos too.      
  1. Mind Your Aperture
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Bitsybaby
Newborn photography is different from wedding photography. Wedding photographs can be shoot wide open at f/1.2 & f/1.4. While newborn photographs need to be shoot at around f/2 & f/2.2 for depth of field and sharpness.
  1. Do Macro Work
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Tiny Bear 
Capture close ups of the baby’s toes, lips, ears, hair on their shoulder etc. The best time to click these photos is when baby is sleeping. These close-up “detail” shots are adorable and great for albums and accordion books too.  
  1. Keep Mommy And Baby Poses Easy
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Deborah
Make mommy ready to face the camera with baby. She will treasure the images and so will be baby when he/she will grow up. 
  1. Use Props At Its Best
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Aramanda Rachael
It is better to take all props with you, but it is not at all necessary to use all the props you take with you. If clients have something of their own and you like to have it in your photographs, take it without hesitation.  
  1. Take Siblings Shots
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Melissareibe 
If the baby has older siblings, try to take sibling shots on priority because they do not sit quietly for a long time.
  1. Baby Is The Boss
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Laboroflove
Don’t forget that baby is boss and you do not have any control on their activities. So be patient, flexible and keep a never quit attitude.
  1. Newborn Safety Is High Priority
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Eden Bao
Research on newborn photography safety tips before starting the newborn photo session. Use spotters and safeguards wherever and whenever needed.

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