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Newborn Photography: Take The Inspiration From Baby

Capturing great moments needs inspiration. A passionate photographer finds inspiration everywhere. And if it is about newborn photography, then baby itself is a source of inspiration for a photographer. His rosy cheeks, broad lips, cute dimples, tiny hands and fingers suggest you many photo ideas. Find the beauty in their yawn, stretch, move, laugh and even cry.
But before you start let‘s check your tools and equipment’s. Pack your camera, backup camera, kid’s toys, props and accessories, lenses, backdrop stand and clamps etc.
Also, you need to know that new born photography is done in two ways:
  • Posed/studio sessions: This type of photo session is usually done in the first two weeks of baby’s birth. Editing of this type of photo session also requires more time as each image go through Photoshop individually.
  • Lifestyle sessions: This is a casual approach to newborn photography. In this type of photo session, more emphasis is given on natural poses of baby and their home.
Here, we are showcasing some of the best newborn photographs captured by newborn photography experts. 
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Amber Maness
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Taylor Himbert 
Newborn Photography
Photo Courtesy : Bella

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