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Experience The Thrill With These Top 10 Football Templates


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Here are the action-packed bundle of sports template “Football” with multi-layered photoshop, Makes your photo sportive and energetic. Universal flexible design that is fully adjustable. Here at PrivatePrize, you will find a wide spectrum of designs for your different photographic needs.

Whirlwind Themed Sports Template

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Whirlwind, as the name suggests, is a Sports Photography Themed Template with a marine background. With the shades of blue, high tides and ship in the background. This template highlights the journey of struggle, never-ending spirit, of the player.You can move your sports photography to next level. Fully customizable, designed to allow maximum flexibility for all kinds of Sports Photography.

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Bold use of font and incandescent light in the background justifies the name of the theme “Nucleus”. With a vibrant background and colors which reflect fire burning explosion that defines passion and power. This template can be used with all types of Sports Photography that have the variety of choices.

League Of Winners Themed Sports Template

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League of winners as the name suggests is a Sports Photography template sport which states the player wins after all his struggles. The blue arc with the sunrise effect shows that after every dark night there is a new day with fresh hopes and challenges for players. Unique design with high quality fully customizable for Football Sports Photography.

Armor Football 2017 Themed Sports Template

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Armor is the suitable title given to this Sports Template which is themed to the thundering at the background to create the sense of depth.The leading line down to the center is strong, that draws attention on the players. This template states that the body of a sports person is like a metal covering. This template is designed for the multiple sports event.

Football Sport - Enliven Effect Sports Photography

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"A trophy carries dust, memories last forever" let’s take a moment to enjoy this unique Enliven Effect Template. Use this Sports Template to capture the attention.The perfectly named this Sports Template, defines that every team needs to have a strong defense mechanism to win the game. 

Thirsty For Action - Themed Sports Template

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Thirsty Football Action, a sepia & vintage Themed Sports Template holds the viewer’s interest, This Template is created to minimize the amount of time photographer spend on editing, the effects will make an antique image. The lightness or darkness of the effect can be changed to fit your style, pose or action photography.

BattleField  - Themed Sports Template

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Battlefield, an interesting sports template, showcases how the sportsmen fight the battle on the ground to win the match. The light balance is interesting which catches the eye of viewer excellent way of creating a lasting memory. The structured texture makes the visual interest with the warm colors. This template is creatively designed for all sports events, players, photographers.

Steve Dale Football - Enliven Effect Sports Photography Template

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Sports photography themed on the monochromatic tones catches the attention of the user. This Sports Template is specially designed with superior quality, black and gray background focus more on the light intensity.The color in the template is stripped away so the detailed of the object is more prominent. Our unique photoshop templates are easily customizable.

Furious Enliven Effect Sports Photography template

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Furious, the title defines the warrior spirit of the player. The smoothness is amazingly described in the effects of color and light balance. Crisp look and the use of Statue of liberty as a background image can achieve amazing results in minutes and take your photographic skills to the next level. The image is thoughtfully composed that saves your time from editing.

Kompany Enliven Effect Sports Photography Template

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Sepia tone & the light flare makes this sports template very stunning, to the contrast of darker background with the spotlight on the player. The photos edited are almost guaranteed to get people look into it. As light effect plays a creative role in photography. This is an elegant design to showcase your Sports Photo. Just place photos and you can make a great one too.

All the Sports templates consist of digital background with the perfect combination of colors tints and shades that can contrast subject and makes your photograph a happening one. Change the mood of your image and create a masterpiece. A variety of themes and designs that will amaze you.Easily add light, color, texture, to your image.

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