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How To Capture Great Sport Moments

Sports Photography
Photo Courtesy : Tim Clayton 
Shooting sports and action in the camera are very difficult. A lot of photographers say that sports photography requires a lot of pieces of equipment. But this is partially true. Sports photography, first and foremost requires great skills and photography techniques and then the equipment.
Here are some tips to shoot sports photography:
- Timing is very crucial in sports photography and this comes from practice.
- Pre-planning is very important in sports photography. Better if you would visit the venue before the event.
- Know the sport you are going to shoot, analyze the action of players, check with the organizers about the does and don’ts at the time of the event.
- In sports photography, best moments got clicked when you engage yourself only in the shoot, rather watching the game.
- Bring variety in your shots and use varied focal lengths. A good quality zoom lens will help you here.
- Learn various shooting techniques like frozen, blurred, and freezing techniques.
- Check your equipment’s like camera, lenses, tripod, memory card, batteries etc.
- And last but not the least, make editing in Photoshop with neatness and polished way.

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