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Expert Tips To Start Your Photography Business

  1. Find the best photography workshop or course
First research and then invest in a photography workshop or course. You can also consider weekend workshops and online courses too.
  1. Get industry experience
Do internship at some photography businesses. This will enhance your skills and experience both.
  1. Say No To Short Cuts
There is no magic formula to learn photography. You have to spend time to become master of it. Just believe in hard work.
  1. Learn From Mistakes
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, either learn from them. Remember, after every failure, success is awaiting you.
  1. Be Unique
Photography industry requires unique style statement and that is your most important asset.
  1. Never Quit
Every business requires time to get established. Don’t give up at early stage and don’t be afraid of setbacks.
  1. Have a full/part time job
On the safer side having a full or part time job is a great idea. You never know, you can have clients for photography from your present job or business.   
  1. Take criticism constructively
If people are giving suggestions or criticizing on your photography technique or style, take it as a part of learning.   
  1. Take your appearance seriously
Dress to impress if you want people to take you seriously.
  1. Read the fine print
Sign a contract after reading the fine print and understand it well.
  1. Expand your social network
Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. There are various social networking platforms where you can promote your photography work.   
  1. Shoot personal projects
If initially, you are not getting a chance to work with cutting edge magazines or clients then don’t get demotivated. Shoot personal projects and test new lighting styles, locations, and lenses.
  1. Keep a back up
Keep your images and data up-to-date. Better to keep one hard drive on location and another off site.
  1. Work with variety of hair & makeup artist
Fine the best hair and makeup artist that fits best in your shooting style. For this keep on experimenting with variety of different hair and makeup artists.
  1. Shoot in RAW
A RAW image file contains all the original data that the camera censor captured. On the other hand, a JPEG is a compressed file that only retains about half the data of a RAW file. Better to shoot RAW.
  1. Make friends from the industry
You will get lot of advice on the equipment’s and techniques, when you spend time with other photographers. So, start making friends from the industry.
  1. Start right now
If you finally decided to become a photographer then get your business cards printed. Start with your basic SLR camera and a cheap zoom if you cannot afford the tripod, or flash gear. List of technology, equipment’s and advancements in photography is so big that there will always be something missing. So, start today and get everything needed slowly and gradually.

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