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Show Off Your Well Dressed Baby Bump

Are you pregnant? That’s a great news!!! So, this is the perfect time to start your maternity style game. You can wear anything and everything from pencil skirts to button up’s, flared skirts, asymmetrical hemlines, and yoga pants. Formula of maternity clothing is stay comfortable, stay stylish, and stay fashionable.
If you are a fashion-lover, then maternity is the best time to get the photographs clicked with the baby bump by the best photographer and cherish this memories for the life time.
So, go and get ready with all the designer maternity stuff and accessories.
How To Choose For Maternity Clothing:
  • You and your growing belly are the center of attraction in routine life as well as for maternity photoshoot. So, carefully choose your clothes.
  • Solid colored shirts focus the attention on your tummy’s shape.
  • Avoid big floral prints, and stripes because large pattern distracts.
  • Black clothing gives you a slim look.
  • Long sleeves looks flattering, while sleeveless and spaghetti straps work well.
  • Silk and cotton fabrics drape beautifully around a pregnant body.
  • Pick your footwear according to your clothes.
  • Show your style with a cheerful scarf, sweater or even chunky jewelry and accessories.
Maternity Dress
Photo Courtesy : Trynh 
Maternity Dress
Photo Courtesy : Deirdre Giumetti
Maternity Dress
Photo Courtesy : JCPenney

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