Training: How To Use PrivatePrize PhotoShop Templates With Your Own Images/Text ?


Exclusive Photoshop Templates For Photographers

Training: How To Use PrivatePrize PhotoShop Templates With Your Own Images/Text ?

This Tutorial Covers Easy To Follow Step By Step Process For Resolving Fonts, Text Edit & Your Photograph Insertion/Resize within our Templates. 

You can download our Trial Template From The Link Below & Sample Player Image (PNG) file / Team Image (JPG) file & Free fonts used by us in the trial template to try our templates before purchase. 

Download Trial Template & Images For This Tutorial From Here

1.  GET YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPH: You will need your own image (Photographs) to use in frames, without any background (PNG Format) to use in the templates. How to cut the background from your image/photograph ? 


Step 1: Double Click the Photoshop File (.PSD) to open with Adobe Photoshop downloaded from Trial Link or Purchased Template Folder. In case your Layer Palette is not visible on Right Hand Side of the screen when the template opens up in your Adobe Window. Press F7 or Click on Window & Layer Option under it. 

Resolving Fonts:

You many see an error message as below to resolve Fonts in case your PC doesn't have same fonts as used by us. Don't worry you can use your own fonts as demonstrated below. Just continue to follow the steps: Click On Don't Resolve On This Message Box. 

If you are on Photoshop creative cloud then you will see an option to resolve this through Type Kit which automatically detect the font & you can click on Resolve Fonts button for automatic font update. Check screenshot below. 


Step 2: If you do not found Layers Pallette then press F7

Step 3: You will find Text and Image layers on Right Side of the screen.

If your fonts issue is not resolved as above given step, then you can select a different font from the photoshop editor. Simply Double Click on Text Layer Thumb as per the image below:

 Click On OK Button  &then you can select your own font available on your system/PC. 

You can also -Click on Text layer and press T. You will get an option to select font style on the top left of the screen below.

Changing Text On Templates: 

Step 4: Change Text -  Just double click on the [T] as given in the image below & then you can simply change the text on the image by typing your own text.

Each Text Line Will Have It's own [T] Layer, follow the same step as above to change the text depending on the template. 

Inserting Your Own  Images

Step 5:  Inserting Your Own  Images -Click to Select the image layer in Green. Once selected simply drag Your Own photograph/image PNG format for background-less images & JPG files can be used if you are putting it into frames not overshadowing the template design depending upon template purchased. You can Drag multiple Images depending upon Template Purchased. You onlyIn the Trial Template You have 


 You can Drag multiple Images depending upon Template Purchased. In the Trial Folder Files, we have provided you PNG file for Single Player & JPG file for Team so that you can try both. 

If an image file is too large then press ctrl + T and resize it as per your convenience.You can also use your mouse to hold the points as below in the image and set it up. 

Similarly you can drag & drop the team image to get a final PSD as below which you can then export in any file format you need for print. 


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